updated to 16-MAR-2019


On Thursday September 27th 2018 our club became a COOPERATIVE NON-PROFESSIONAL SPORTS ASSOCIATION (see CONSTITUTIVE ACT and STATUTE) and it is now possible to become a member and owner of the Club.

The former U.S.D. Centro Storico Lebowski now is Centro Storico Lebowski S.C.S.D. (Società Cooperativa Sportiva Dilettantistica per Azioni). In short, just to give you a hint of how important this passage is, we can say that now Lebowski truly is collectively owned by its supporters, and able to resist any attempts at a takeover, centralization, market interference. We believe that a Club should represent its community, and live off its engagement with that community. Ideally, a Club should not invest a penny more than what it is able to raise from that community in its sporting endeavours. If many give a little, the club is guaranteed a future and a solid foundation on which to make its plans. In order for this to happen it is necessary for the club to constitute a symbolic and material reference point for the community. Sadly, this is no longer the case for professional football, and increasingly so even at non-professional levels. A Club needs to be engaged in promoting education, solidarity, employment, aggregation, health, art, music, poetry; it must be aware of the fact that it has the resources to intervene in the areas that are closest to the hearts of the local community. This is what we try to achieve as Centro Storico Lebowski. Each decision is taken via discussion and approbation by the members according to the principle “one head, one vote”. From now on, there are no excuses with regard to the Club’s need to be able to raise its own funds, and thus to be independent: it will be possible to meet all our objectives (both sporting and political) by buying shares. “Everyone, a little” rather than “One, everything”. It will be our community’s participation that will determine the future of Lebowski.

This is the greatest popular shareholding project in the history of Italian football.


  • Become a Coop Member by buying shares in the association
  • Each share costs € 25
  • Each member may increment his or her shares portfolio
  • Each member may acquire up to 400 shares
  • However many shares a single member may have acquired, he or she still has one vote in the cooperative’s assembly.
  • Each member can offer an economic contribution towards specific projects (e.g. the football school).



  • Reduced season-tickets
  • Access to reserved events
  • Access to services, courses, projects (e.g. the Football School)
  • Access to a reserved website (by December 2018)
    • Online shop
    • Meetings reports
    • Newsletter
    • Reserved photos and videos